Getting Started with Instructional Design

This blog will be used to learn about Instructional Design and integrate it into Instructional Development Activities.

What interests me most about Instructional Design is the role of bridge between those who know their subject material and those who need to know the subject material.  Language use and expectations need to be refined so the message sent falls in line with the message received.

The goal is to include articles of interest to help navigate the ID world and hopefully pick up helpful tips along the way from others on similar journeys.  Here are a few articles: “Motivating the Instructional Designer” by the eLearning coach; “What does an instructional designer do?” by Chris Tucker on her site Experiencing E-Learning; and “Getting Started with Instructional Design” on the Learn and Lead website.

Some other sites to include are the Learning Solutions Magazine, The Writers Gateway, and The ELearning Guild.

The article “Motivating the Instructional Designer” had some really good points.  Especially about being the learner’s advocate and that the course I prepare will help someone.  It presents opportunities to help people and can range in a variety of different disciplines and educational contexts.  Another article mentioned that the Instructional Designer should be able to take any material placed before him or her and develop instructional material around it.  The author challenged someone to have him prepare instructional material for nuclear physics.  When I find that article again I’ll post it on the blog.  It was a really good point about the process of learning and how the process can be adapted to the subject material.

Thanks to anyone who has some words of wisdom to share as I begin to build into this blog.

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Hello world!

Downtown area of SaskatoonI’d just like to share a picture of the city where I live.  Hope everyone is able to enjoy at least some of the summer.

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